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I found myself doing more time selling than writing, so I've decided to return to writing exclusively. You can always find my books on Amazon. The last two, Bringer of Justice and The Last Holey Man, are still available. I will soon be adding a blog about my work. Please look for it. Thanks and keep reading.

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Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina has a rather long scene where two middle-aged people are in the forest picking mushrooms. Tolstoy lets us see into both of their thoughts and it's clear they love each other but are afraid to say anything and in the end their moment of possible love is lost when neither speaks of their true feelings but only about the mushrooms they are gathering. We discussed this scene in a writing class, but I have often wondered how often people do not speak of their love to the person they love. I am sure we all had "crushes" in our teen years, but I am more interested in adult relationships - or should I say missed relationships?

I can give you one of several examples in my life. After my first wife died, I met a woman who was going through a divorce that I was very attracted to. I could tell she was also interested, but because of my fear of rejection, I never mentioned my feelings to her.

Have you ever felt an attraction or a feeling of love and never let the other person know? If so, I'd be interested in knowing a little bit more about it. If you'd like to share your experience, please send it to I will respect your wishes to remain anonymous and whatever you send will only be tagged with a number and nothing more. The original email will be deleted. Thank you!

I guess I was a bit unclear in what I was asking. I was really just curious about how many people had experienced not saying how they felt and perhaps missing out on love. However, some people have asked if they could share their whole story. Absolutely! Feel free to do that and in as much detail as you feel comfortable in telling me.